The cutest most adorable Animal Figurines

I am in love with the AnaMalz figurines. They are the most beautiful wooden animal figures, and are aesthetically pleasing and fun for our kids to play with. They are very tactile, being made from natural materials – both wood and fabric. They make a great present play tool. They are perfect for your kids to use as props for imaginative play and create new worlds. I have provided links to where you can buy these on amazon. I am going to start collecting these. They aren’t cheap, so will have to go slowly, but they are the kind of toys you will keep forever, for all your kids, and even your grandkids! Click on the images or links to purchase.

There are so many different imaginary worlds that can be constructed through these.

Barn Field

Some of my favourite barn field animals are the pig,  the llama, the goat, and the goose. You can get all of these and more on amazon.

Coral Bay

These are just so cute, my favourite coral bay AnaMalz are the pelican, the dolphin, the octopus, the sea turtle, and the whale.

Hidden Valley

The Hiiden Valley dinosaurs are just so cute. My son will go mad for these as he’s obsessed with dinosaurs. Some of my faves are the TricertopsTyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus, and the Stegosaurus.

Ice Bergs

These are so cute! I love the seal,

The Outback

I adore this cute little crocodile, kangaroo, the platypus, the koala,

Roaming Mountains

These mountain AnaMalz are so adorable. I love the lion, the elephant, the moose, the giraffe, the tiger, the hippo, the rhino, the brown bear, the zebra, the gorilla, the panda,

And More…

Love this Camel, sheep, ram, and the emu.