Top 5 Dolls Houses I highly Recommend

Dolls houses are a great open ended toys. They provide for hours and hours of role play, different scenarios, and my son absolutely loves his. There are so many gorgeous looking stylish ones to buy, I am dedicating a whole post to dolls houses here to give you some guidance in the dolls house buying process.

1. Ferm Living Kids Wooden Dolls House

This is a really great very open ended wooden dolls house. The Ferm Living Kids wooden dolls house is great in that you can drill it to the wall, so it doesn’t clutter the floor, and your child can stand up and it can be set to be the perfect height for them. This particular dolls house is great in that it is neutral, pleasing to the eye, and as it’s got not set rooms with any particular colours the imagination can run wild, and it can be imagined into anything the child likes. Also, as it’s such a blank canvas,the child can also get hours of entertainment from decorating it themselves, putting their own creations in as wallpaper, and can change the rooms as they please with any dolls furniture they have, and different characters. I would highly recommend this wooden dolls house as a great tool for present play, as it so neutral, and gives the child full freedom to do whatever they like with it, and provides endless possibilities of potential scenarios. I am a member of Present Players, and Avital, who highly recommends a dolls house that is very similar to this one as a great open ended dolls house, and it’s the one that her kids use. You can buy the Ferm Living Kids Wooden Dolls House here at Smallable It also comes in a smaller and cheaper version here

2. Djeco Cubic Dolls House

I absolutely adore Djeco Toys. They are so artistic, beautiful, and just pure art, plus they are sturdy, tend to be wooden, and are such great toys for kids. I highly recommend checking out djeco Toys, especially their wooden puzzles. This is why I am pleased to come across this gorgeous Djeco Dolls house. The Djeco Cubic Dolls House reminds me of something out of the 1970s. It has got to be the most stylish of dolls house I have ever come across… – I am in love with it! True that there it is less open ended than the Ferm living kids dolls house, but if you are looking for a dolls house that is less neutral, has a beautiful design and has all the furniture and decor, I would definately consider going for this Djeco cublic dolls house. Plus it is also cheaper than the Ferm Dolls house. It’s gorgeous, will look great in your home, and is sure to provide hours of entertainment. I love all the furniture. Its a miniature version of what you would want your home to look like!

3. Djeco Color Dolls House

The Djeco Color Dolls house is another great designer dolls house. In the style of a more traditional house, it’s more traditional, but still beautiful, with great furniture. The Djeco Color dolls house is also absolutely adorable, and although slightly cheaper than the previous, just as nice. I would have trouble choosing which one to get as they ar both incredibly gorgeous. I think the Djeco cubic dolls house is for modern tastes though. and the Djeco Color Dolls house is less architecturally simple. Both are great though. Buy through Smallable

You can even buy this Djeco Kitchen separately, and mix and match, and use it in the Ferm Living Dolls house.

4. Encore! Large Furnished Dolls House

I am totally in love with this Encore! Large furnished dolls house. It is so well made, so beautiful, so quaint, and really epitomises wonderful, simple Danish design. This house epitomises the term hygge. It’s stylish, simple, durable, and so unbelievably cute! The wood in this dolls house is sourced from an ecological forest, and the lamp attached to the roof with a magnet. I can see this prividing hours of fun. I think this is definately one of my favourites. What is so great about the Encore! Dolls house is that you can add to it over time with the modular rooms. The furniture is so beautiful and of such high quality too. See the pictures below. Buy through Smallable.

5. The Manhattan Toy Company Dolls House

This dolls house by The Manhattan Toy Company is a really great open ended play dolls house, because it is a combination of dolls house and building blocks, combined into one. I would call it an abstract dolls house, as the blocks are more representative, rather than accurate. But this is what makes it so great for present pay, It can be imagined into so many different things. As it comes with many different shaped blocks, that can be constructed into a dolls house, in so many different ways and formats, it, provides endless possibilities of ways of construction. Sure to provide hours of immersive, present play. A great buy, especially for the younger ones. Buy through Smallable.