Present Play is all about children being engaged in play and meeting their 4 basic play needs. There are 4 basic tenets to Present Play. Each of these requires it’s own space in the home, in order to promote the desired activity.

1. Messy Zone

This should be a zone where the kids can make as much mess as they like. This is a place for them to express themselves creatively though art, which includes painting, sticking with glue, play doh, crayons… Anything that is messy and allows them to express themselves creatively.

2. Movement Zone

This should be a safe area in the home with lots of padding so they can’t hurt themselves, yet are encouraged to run around and do gymnastics or yoga, or swinging… anything that allows them to burn off physical energy and move.

3. Calm and Relaxing Zone

This is a place for them to wind down, read a book, chill out, and be calm. They could sit here and listen to audio books, or engage in calm quiet play. Soft lighting, tents, cushions etc are good here to promote relaxation.

4. Play Zone

The Play Zone should be organised, accessible – easy for little ones to access (Montessori style), only contain toys that are beautiful, good quality, well made, durable, open ended (which means they can use their imagination to create fantasy worlds with them) and pleasing to the eye.

Stay posted for recommended toys and products for each area.