What is Present Play?

I have recently embarked upon a journey called Present Play. This movement is all about designing areas within your home that nourish and support your child’s independent play, which is so crucial for healthy growth. This is done through designing four main areas within the home that encourage different aspects of independent play. These zones are:

  1. The Creative Play Zone. Where your child can get messy, – think painting, play-doh, sand, all types of sensory messy play.
  2. The Movement zone. Where through the environment your child is encouraged to move about, exercise, run, jump, swing, climb, dance etc.
  3. The Imaginative play zone. Where the environment and props set the scene for immersive, fantasy, imaginary play.
  4. The Relaxing Zen zone. A soft, calming, tranquil, area, which promotes winding down, calm, relaxing activities, such as reading, daydreaming etc.

I will also be curating the best toys and furniture to buy for each of these areas and activities. We will also showcase how we put these into practise ourselves. Enjoy, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.